Lagging Romance in Your Relationship

Revive the Lagging Romance in Your Relationship: Six Proven Solutions to Bring it Back!

When you hear of relationships or marriages falling apart, how many times do you hear either the man or the woman saying that the reason why the relationship ended is because they have "grown apart"? A lot of times, right?

This is because romance naturally fizzles. It's especially true when instant attraction is what brought you together in the first place.  When you first get together as a couple, you feel as if there is romance in every little gesture, touch or words that you give to each other.

But what will happen if you grow too comfortable with each other and you don't feel that romantic spark anymore?  Sure, the love that you feel for your partner will always be there – but how do you prevent the romance from fading?

If You Feel that the Romance is Fading, Don't Panic!

Basically, the trick if you feel that the romance is fading in the relationship is: don't panic. It is but natural for some of the 'sizzle to fizzle' when a couple has already grown comfortable with each other.

This is especially true if you fall in the trap of doing routine things day in and day out.  Or, if a young couple starts to have a family and they have to juggle work with household chores and taking care of the kids, it's easy to find excuses not to be romantic with each other anymore.

If you become complacent, you will surely find yourself feeling as if your partner has grown apart from you. However, if you want to prevent this from happening, you should exert that extra effort and find the time to revive the lagging romance in your relationship

Six Solutions to Bring the Romance Back to Your Relationship

So what exactly can you do to bring the romance back into your relationship? Take a look at these top six solutions:

  1. Always make time for each other.

Not having time for each other is the number one culprit to a fizzling romance.  No matter how busy you are with work, sending the kids to school and all the household chores that you need to attend to – you should always find time to be with each other as a couple.

Hire a reliable babysitter and set a regular date day. Even if you are 'alone' as a couple for one short dinner, it will help ease the fledgling romance between the two of you.

  1. Exert the effort to pamper your partner

For husbands whose wives are not feeling so desirable after having a baby, for example, make sure that you exert an extra effort to make her feel pampered and even sexy.

If your husband had a really bad day at work, treat him to a long, luxurious massage as long as he promises to return the favor when it's your turn to have a bad day at work.

  1. Ditch the sweatpants!

If you're having problems in the bedroom, one of the reasons could be that your partner has grown accustomed to seeing you in those unglamorous sweatpants.  Try to get his attention again by wearing something sexy to the bedroom – and make sure that you're always conscious of the way you look.

Not only will this make you look more desirable to your partner, but it will also make you feel good about yourself.

  1. Make those little gestures count.

Those little gestures like sending a love note, packing his lunch for work, reliving your first date and giving each other surprise phone calls in the middle of a busy workday count towards reviving the romance in your relationship.

  1. Always find excuses to touch each other.

This is another golden rule that long-time couples should never forget. Those little hugs and kisses, would add up to the anticipation of how you can tangle the sheets once the kids finally go to sleep.

Again, reviving the romance in your relationship will depend on how much effort you will exert into it.  Allow your wife to vent about her day so that you can do the same thing if you've had a bad day at work. Communication is still the key for any relationship to survive.

  1. Don’t forget to talk.

All in all, it would help if you would be extra attentive to the needs of your partner if you want to revive the romance in your relationship.  Follow these six tips and you can relive those first few years that you first met each other, when everything that you do together seems to be tinged with romance!

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Revive the Lagging Romance in Your Relationship: Six Proven Solutions to Bring it Back!