Romance A Little, Goes A Long Way

None can understand relationship and that is the beauty of a relationship. Quite often couples tend to find themselves lost in a relationship. A vacuum get created and they may think they are no longer intimate with each other. Couples who tend to get along quite well with each other have found a little secret and that secret is showing affection in tiny amounts even during the most pressing situations in life. Showing affection can change the whole situation in a single second. The key is to make your partner believe that you really do care for her irrespective on whose side the fault is.

Imagine stopping by on the road side and collecting wild flowers. Have you ever tried that? If not try it. Walk into the house, your spouse might have had a terrible time with the kids, or she might have had some pressing demands in the workplace. When she sees you with those wild flowers after your tiresome job and when she realizes that you care for her irrespective of your demanding situation in work. Trust me she would once again go madly in love with you. These simple things in life go a long way in reinforcing relationships.

If you are constantly traveling and if you feel you are not even spending enough time with each other, there are possibilities for a rough weather in course of time in your life. Avoid it by your tiny gestures. When you are traveling just get a small gift and wrap it in up with a velvet cloth and attach a ribbon to it. Along with a note” wish you were here” send it to her. You can expect loads of love when you return home. These are the small things which make big differences in life.

When you are in home, grab her attention in every possible way. Write a love letter to her and place it in her book and pretend you haven’t written it. Start a small fight saying that you it is not your handwriting. Make sure that you have put your signature all over the letter. Make her laugh; these small things can make a whole lot of a difference.

Try to get back to the old ways. Do check your memory and try to repeat the same old things when you first met her. When you are out in open, just hold her hands and look into her eyes and utter “hey”. These things may re-ignite the passion and love which you have felt for each other, irrespective of the time. Do make her feel that you are the same guy with whom she has fallen in love in the first place. Get the love back and your life would be in the right track

Thee small acts would definitely fix the small problems which trend to occur in a relationship. Make her feel she is important to you and try everything, remember there is nothing wrong in love.

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Romance a Little, Goes a Long Way

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