Let The Memories Rekindle Your Romance

You and your partner may be exploring new ways to express your love and care for one another and you may even want to hold on to them forever. Use your creativity and try some new method so that you can reminisce your moments again. It is worthy enough to start a memory ‘chest’ where you can keep all your objects of importance and remembrance. One look into your magical chest will enable you to relive those moments of intimacy.

If you have already started to rekindle your romance by spending the nights together in various parts of town, it would assist you remarkable to fill your chest. You can start placing the movie tickets, concert tickets or even restaurant receipts in it. You can make it more memorable if you can bring a souvenir from a new restaurant like the tissue paper with the restaurant name or even matchbooks from that place. It does not matter what you place in it but it should aid you both to remember those wonderful moments. That’s more important than anything else. You can even create a scrap book if you are organized and you can store all those stuff in it or you can even make use of the photo album so that those intimate moments can be relived again and again

When you go out on a vacation with your partner, make sure that you collect items to fill your chest. Wherever you go whether it is tropical or mild destination, keep your eyes open and hardly forget to bring some things of remembrance. Collect shells from the seashore or fill a bottle with sand from the beach you visited along with your beloved. Think romantic, make her stand on the beach stand and collect the sand which has her imprint. These little things go a long way in reinforcing your relationship. Be creative and make sure to pass on a strong message that you always care for her.

If you both love champagne, then there is no need you got to search elsewhere to place things in your chest, start collecting those corks. One look at those corks would definitely bring back those moments of intimacy in less than a second. One piece of advice to people who travel to new places is to safely bring back the maps which you have used. Or it would be far more romantic, if you could buy a big map and mark all the places you have ever visited through pushpins. One look at the map would take you to those places with remarkable ease.

If you are not much into sight seeing and outing, then you can ignite the passion by creative and romantic indoor activities too. For instance, imitate the most romantic kiss that you have seen in a movie and test each other’s romance quotient by teasing the partner. You can put this movie also in the memory box and when you see it later it will definitely bring a smile on your face. It is a commendable idea to get hold of the CD with romantic songs, dance with it and then place it in the memory box to relive the spirits.

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