Let’s Regulate Romance

To create a special relationship with your spouse you need to add that special ingredient call romance. There is nothing more special than romance. It has the ability to rekindle that old fire in you and take you to those past moments when you first met each other. Romance irrespective of whether it is spontaneous or planned is indeed a blessing. Spontaneous romance is quite lovable as you both do not know what is going to happen the next moment. It is like turning a page in a book in which none knows what is going to happen in the next page. Mistakes tend to occur in planned romance, if you fail to understand the rules involved in romance and follow it.

You need to understand that your relationship comes above everything else in life. You may be of the view that achieving corporate success is more important than anything else. You would realize that it is not so the case, when you retire and sit beside your spouse in the comfort of your home. Many people have realized it lately. Don’t repeat the mistake which others have done. Let every event in your life be an outcome of your relationship. Everything you do, do it for her and let the love fill your life with pleasure. At the same time, ensure that you do not suffer for the sake of principle in relationship. There should be no suffering in relationship. If there is suffering there can never be love and a good marriage is the one in which two people always complement each other. There is only encouragement and there can never be any problem whatsoever.

You should not have a closed mind when you think you are romantic and wake up to the fact that it is your spouse who defines the meaning of romance. You may consider flowers and chocolate as symbols of romance where as your spouse may despise it. You need to know each other’s taste before gifting anything. The rule applies to both the sexes. Pay attention and ensure that your partner does not get hurt. There is no point in making a pizza, if he craves for apple pie. Recognize each other’s likes and dislikes.

Spontaneity romance may suddenly disappear from couples lives when their life grows together. Nothing could be done regarding it. But replace it with planned romance. There is nothing wrong in planning romance. Plan your anniversary celebration. Plan a weekend trip to a nearby resort. Plan your romance. It is the only way to bring back your love. Put your heart and soul into the planning as it would give you memorable results. Planned romance cannot match spontaneity romance but it is worth doing it for the person whom you love and cherish.

Romance simply does not mean exchanging gifts alone. It is more than that. Gifts are indeed worthy gestures but they can never replace the time spent with each other. Those intimate moments are indeed more valuable than any valuable gifts on earth. Spending time does not mean that you need to go to some special place. It simply means you are with each other, embracing and expressing the love which you strongly feel for one another. You can even sit in your sofa and enjoy each others’ company. Let the romance fill your lives.

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