Romantic Rules

Romance is a glorious way where you can know each other well. You might already be following a rule of romance without you being aware of it. You simply cannot understand it. Think about the changes that have occurred since your marriage. Quite a lot would have changed and you would honestly realize it. Now focus on things which have remained status quo. You would conclude that some things would have changed whereas some others remain the same. The point is you need to balance everything and god has given you your wife and beautiful emotions like love and romance to achieve it.

There is nothing wrong in surrendering for love to your wife. Do not be in a state of fear or panic when you surrender totally. You can always maintain your individualism irrespective of your surrender to your spouse. There is nothing wrong in love. You can accept change and you can remain unique. Without compromising yourself, you can compromise on things. You should realize that you can grow mutually. There is no gain in individual growth if you are in a relationship. You should possess the capability to show your feelings to your spouse without losing control. Never lose your control in romance as it can do more harm than good.

Trust is vital and it is more important in a relationship like marriage. You should open up to your partner without any fear. There is no judgment in romance. You can have the same intense passion which you felt for each other through out your life. The point is you should have the capability to strike the spark whenever there is some dampness. Be a responsible adult and accept your mistakes, there can never be a wonderful relationship than marriage. Marriage is a relationship which can give you unimaginable intimate moments, experience it to cherish it.

If you do not open up your heart and expose your vulnerability, there can never be any intimacy. You cannot be a silent spectator in romance, being vulnerable is indeed good in romance. Do remember that being intimate has its own shortfall too, irrespective of with whom you are. Take that risk, you would not regret it.

When you are in a relationship, you need to creative a supportive environment for the sake of love. If there is no supportive environment, there can never be any sharing. If you cannot share, then you cannot understand each other. Both spontaneity and control are two extremes. They can never work together in a relationship. Dependency on each other would create a lot of troubles in your relationship. It is a very harmful habit and sometimes it may even destroy your relationship. Learn to be interdependent, if you want to have a successful relationship.

Learn from your mistakes, there is nothing wrong in accepting that you are wrong in a relationship and moving ahead form there. Try to forgive yourself, once you master this art, you can forgive anyone. Never hold any grudges in a relationship, as they will hurt you more than your partner.

Romance and intimacy can mean a lot of things to lots of people. But they all point to one thing. It is a thing called selfless love, where you don’t accept anything, you just simply give. There is nothing greater than giving and there is no better way than love to attain it.

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