In True Romance There Is No Exchange

An unusual way of exchanging romance is called ‘romance exchange’. There is no romance at all in romance exchange. Whenever there is a problem or a conflict or a petty quarrel, one used to give another a gift to put an end to it. So, that the problem ends there. It is the most stupid thing to do. Romance can never turn into some materialistic business and when it becomes business there can never be any love. Imagine gifting the girl you love with a bouquet of flowers and expecting sex from her by the night. Is this in any connected with romance? Firstly, Is this ethical? Don’t you think it is sinful to exchange these things for something in return? It is like putting a “sales tag” on everyone you love and care.

This notion called “romance exchange” is simply irrational. There are innumerable things which can never be termed as romance. There are rules in romance too. Above all make her feel important. Never let anything distract you when she is talking with you, don’t attend your mobile phone when she is discussing something with you, let the voice mail take care of it. Just switch off the TV, when she needs to discuss with you, don’t just mute it. If needed send the kids to their room. Every couple needs to converse in private to improve their intimacy levels. They need to respect each other in order to understand each other.

There are lots of things which should never be done. Never indulge in home improvement projects and make both of your lives uncomfortable. Never embarrass your partner in public place. Respect each other’s individuality and never let your secrets out.
Respect for each other goes a long way in taking your relationship to the next level. Don’t do something stupid like throwing away your wife’s’ belonging in the name of cleaning when she is not there in the home. Respect each others’ privacy. Ask her before doing something that would affect both of your lives’. Be sensible and it is better to ask her before you pass on a gift rather than worrying about it later.

In a relationship, even a petty thing may cause your spouse so much pain and you may do that petty thing again and again without even realizing that it is causing her so much pain.
Never repeat a cliché phrase like “Yes Honey” with a sound stress to pacify her. It would irritate her. Don’t make jokes or fun of her during her PMS timings. It is a physical condition and women tend to be too sensitive during those times. Don’t irritate them during such hours and honor their privacy during those difficult times. Never use sex as a weapon. Don’t withhold it to punish your wife or husband. It is practiced widely among couples and it has a very high positive rate of breaking away your relationships.

If you are in a relationship, never forget any day irrespective of how trivial it may look to you. Always utter those words “I love you” during your partners’ birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s Day. Only after uttering those words, start making plans. Those words can add magic. Trust me.

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In True Romance There Is No Exchange

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