Let The Mood Be Love

Are you ready for love? You may not be. If you are not then it’s high time you start bringing some romance in to your life. Once you start experiencing romance you may be in a state of mood which cannot be explained in words. The mood would take you to new heights in your relationship. Start with the age old traditional ways of romance like getting her favorite flower or candy and bringing roses every day after work. The approach does not matter but she needs to feel your love for her. Once you start developing such ideas in your mind, you will slowly realize that you are going to have a lot of fun in your life as your moods would bring you lots of creative ideas. And these ideas would definitely improve your love life. Be creative in what you do. Let the romance flow with your distinct style. Create your own ideas. You can even buy two pillows with words like “Not Tonight” and “Tonight” printed on it. This would act a as a signal to your partner and based on her moods she can opt for either one of those. Some other couples have subtle signals which can never be deciphered. Others should never know your codes, create your own and let the romance flow

In public, you can make your intentions clear to your partner by repeating the same word like “pink” four times in a sentence. Make it subtle and let you and your partner alone know that language. In short, intimacy can be shared and enjoyed only between two people. If you can’t use such words, create you own specific sentences like “I’m having a headache”, for which your partner, if he is in the right mood would answer “let me take you to home”. Let the romance flow irrespective of what you use, let it be a word or let it be a sentence. Whatever be the case, it should end in the act of love, that’s more important.

Sometimes you both need to enjoy the same thing to strike the same mood like chocolate. It is a well established fact that chocolates instill in you love making mood. Both men and women have an addiction to chocolate. Careful use of chocolate would definitely ignite their minds. Gift your spouse her favorite chocolate and initiate foreplay. It would definitely work out as chocolate has that romantic twist in it. Be creative in what you do, bring some chocolate into your bed and accidentally split some chocolate over your spouse. Clean it up using your tongue and not with your fingers. Let your imagination take its own course and let it end in the act of making love.

If your spouse loves chocolate, it is advisable that you take her out on a chocolate vocation two places worth going for chocolate vocation is the nestle factory in Broc, Switzerland and the other is Hershey chocolate factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Based upon your location and financial capability take her to any one of these places and people claim that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Why don’t you test it?

Let the mood be love

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