A Creative Romantic Lives in You

Why people tend to think that they lack time to be romantically inclined? They think they lack the ability to think creatively and that is the reason why there are very few romantic people. Being creative means hiving the ability to create to new ways. If you have the power to think originally without any outside influence and when your way of thinking does not resemble anyone, then you are really creative.

Do not think that flowers and candies which were thought to be romantic in good old days are still romantic. Go one step further and think beyond those. There is nothing wrong in gifting your loved one with flowers. But don’t go for roses. Go for something like daisy or some other flower where you can really count those petals. Make her play the child hood game ‘he loves me, he loves me not’. Do remember to trim the daisy so that she always arrives at ‘he loves me’. There is nothing wrong in tweaking certain things, when it gives immense pleasure to your loved one. Never give a daisy with out a positive probability. Being romantic is being positive.

Use some mathematics and your craft capability to express your love. There is no need you got to sit for endless hours to make a sweater or something time consuming. Instead go ahead and take a lengthy sheet of paper or a ribbon and write “I love you” on both sides from one end to the other. Connect it so that it becomes an eight, using glue in case of paper or stitch it in case of ribbon. Gift your loved ones with your hand made love symbol and make them realize that your love for them is endless.

Creativity would not cost you anything. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere and if you don’t have money, still you can be romantic. Create a romantic atmosphere by switching off the power in your house. Tell her that there is a power outage. It is up to you now to keep her warm. When she realizes the truth later, it would definitely make her happier. There are no rules and there is nothing wrong in romance.

How can you make her feel that you care for her even when she is getting out of town? There are always possibilities for creative minds. Get hold of a flight attendant. Mostly go for a female, you don’t want any horrible twists in your love don’t you? So always choose a female flight attendant. Give the seat number of your girl along with a rose. Request her to gift it to her, when the flight takes off. Apart from rose, don’t use anything else. If a suspicion arises, you may end up in jail. So gift something which does not need to be checked.

Don’t think you can be romantic only through gifts. Even your actions can ignite romance. Suppose you hear your favorite song in the radio, just get up and make your spouse dance along with you. It may be comical, but trust me she would definitely love it. It is all in the mind and money or gift never does matter in true romance. Let your creative mind invent new ways almost every day. The joy which you will receive on seeing your loved ones happy has no bounds. Be creative and be happy.

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A Creative Romantic Lives in You -

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