Make Your Marriage A Love Affair, Not Just Companionship

Every relationship has its own ups and downs and marriage is no such exception. Marriage is not any simple affair, it is indeed tough for two different people from two different backgrounds to live in one house all of a sudden and understand each other. While some couples can solve their problems through therapy or through counseling whereas in some worst cases, marriages simply become uninteresting and it reaches a sad sordid state.

It is vital to understand the problem which is causing the conflict, only then a solution could be found. In many marriages, in course of time, the initial spark of caring just fades away. The couples are no longer in a state of intimacy with each other. It does not mean that Love is completely lost, it has just faded. You just need to ignite it with a spark to keep it alive and that spark is called ‘romance.’

Many people write off marriages citing lack of love. It is not true. Instead, marriages don’t lack love, love is always there, and you need to find it through romance. Love is caring and showing concern for each other, but romance is the ingredient which always keeps it burning.

Irrespective of their sex, everyone on this earth desire for love, passion and romance in their relationship. But there are some things in romance which people don’t understand and they end up in despair. The most common problem in marriage is that the partners do not know how to create romance in their relationship. Cultural classifications make it tough for the partners to understand and praise their unique qualities. Some people have simply lost the hope to search for romance in their relationship.

Nowadays people need everything to be done by a touch of a button. It is not possible in romance. But you can take the old time tested ideas of romance and make it work even in modern times by refining it. It is not the method which sparks romance instead it is the genuine love behind it which kindles the spark. You can try you won ideas or you can borrow it. Irrespective of it, your love needs to be genuine and unselfish. Without the feeling of romance, love would become an arid desert. Romance is the secret energy which keeps love moving for eternity.

When love is expressed through romance, it takes a new course filled with joy and compassion for each other. True romance is the one which does not have any ulterior motive at all and there is just simply giving and no taking back. Only through romance you can show your mate that you really care for her and cherish her relationship. In short, romance is a simple expression to tell that you love your girl that you love her more than anything else on this world.

Romance is an expression of the creativity in you. Those who tend to be competitive in everything should change their attitude before indulging in romance, as romance is not any competition. Romance is all about empathy and cooperation. It’s not any contest. In short there is no contest at all in romance. Love and romance got to be in unison for any relationship to work, when one is lost, everything is lost. Remember love with romance can take your relationship to eternity.

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Make your marriage a love affair, not just Companionship

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