Three Reasons That Your Marriage Could Be Moving Towards A Divorce

Time, money, sex, incompatibility, abuse, lack of emotional support, infidelity – out of the millions of couples in the United States who are getting a divorce, these are just some of the main reasons stated behind the decision to legally part ways.

So which of these factors actually contribute to the ever-increasing divorce rate? Why is there no such thing as a happily-ever-after union anymore? Is it a combination of factors, or just one major falling out which leads a couple to break their “I dos”?

Three Reasons that your Marriage could be Moving towards a Divorce

There is actually no one reason to blame when a couple’s marriage is most likely to lead to a divorce. It could be a combination of two or three things, a melding of the little things about your spouse which annoys you, a difference in opinion – it is really hard to pinpoint the main cause behind a looming divorce.

Let us try to dissect the reasons behind a marriage falling out by looking at the top three reasons:

  1. Domestic Abuse

Do not think that domestic abuse is limited to the physical abuse of a husband to a wife, which is often the case of most marriages ending due to this exact reason.

There are other types of domestic abuse, emotional and verbal abuse. For example, if your husband is the one who earns money and he feels that you are entirely dependent on him – financially and otherwise – this could lead to emotional and verbal abuse.

  1. Infidelity

When infidelity enters a relationship, the effects can be quite devastating. This is especially true if you have your children to consider, or if you have a history in your past relationships where your partner cheated on you.

Not all infidelity cases lead to divorce – but what is clear is that once that trust that you have for your spouse is broken, it is really hard to earn it back.

  1. Sex or Money Problems

There are some women who intentionally withhold sex as part of their ‘punishment’ for something wrong that their husbands did. This is not a very pleasant situation, and can lead to tension in the bedroom. Other sex and money related problems can all combine together, eventually blow out of proportion and lead to a divorce.

Could Your Marriage be Moving towards a Divorce? A Look at the Bigger Picture

When couples say their vows during the wedding ceremony, the ideal scenario is that divorce should be the farthest thing from their mind.

However, when you reach the 5th, 10th, 15th or 20th year in your marriage, a lot of problems are bound to crop up. If both the husband and the wife are not willing to compromise on certain marital and domestic issues, these individual problems will pile up.

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Three Reasons that Your Marriage could be Moving towards a Divorce

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