Are Your Kids Playing The ‘Villain’ In Your Married Life?

Once you get married and start raising kids, do you often notice how it seems like you and your spouse do not have time anymore as a couple? Take your first baby being born as an example.

When your first child enters a married relationship, that is the ‘signal’ for you and your husband to focus on raising the children. How can you as a couple set aside some ‘alone’ time for yourself?

The situation gets even worse when you have two, three or four kids to raise. Once the household settles down because all the kids are asleep, it seems as if you do not have the energy to be with each other anymore because you’re both too tired.

How Not to Let Your Kids be the ‘Villain’ in your Married Life

If your kids start dominating the household and you and your husband hardly ever have time together anymore, what can you do to reverse the situation?

How would you feel if, after sending the kids to college – it seems as if you and your husband have already grown apart because of all that time that you should have been together was spent tending to your kids? How can you stop the kids from being the villains in your relationship?

Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Set aside some ‘alone’ time for you as a couple.

Sure, having three kids lead to a chaotic household – but you can always squeeze in some alone time by yourself if you want to.

Make sure to set aside a once-a-week date night for you and your husband, where there are no kids, no mobile phones, no e-mail messages and no work. Even just a couple of hours away from it all will rejuvenate your relationship greatly.

  1. Don’t use the kids as an excuse not to have sex.

This is especially true for women who do not seem to have anytime for their husbands anymore. Once your head hits the pillow, all you want to do is sleep because of everything that went on during the day, right?

But if you want to keep the relationship going, you should at least exert some effort into making sure that your sex life will not suffer – even if you have a lot of kids to take care of.

  1. Set aside once-a-month getaways for you and your spouse.

Again, this may be too difficult a chore to accomplish, but it is definitely something doable. Allow a trusted friend, neighbor or their grandparents to take care of the kids overnight or even for an entire weekend so that you and your husband could get away somewhere nice.

Remember that your kids will grow and if you and your husband has grown apart during that time – you can never take back all the time that you should have spent together.

Do not let your kids play the ‘villain’ in your relationship – it might take a bit of work, but setting aside some alone time for you as a couple is definitely doable.

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