Improving your Relationship with Your Ex For the Sake of Your Children

If you are like 50% of the U.S. population, you are divorced. If you do not have any kids from the marriage then you don’t have to ever talk to your spouse again if you don’t want to. But for those who did have kids prior to the downfall of the marriage, then you have to continue to maintain some sort of relationship with your ex. This relationship should be as civil as possible for the sake of the kids.

Divorce is never fun and usually involves a lot of anger between the warring spouses. But because you have children together, you must find ways to improve your relationship with your ex so that your kids are not negatively impacted. As much as it may hurt, you will have to suck it up and make nice with your ex. If you don’t, your kids will see it and likely resent you for it. Moreover, any time you and your ex have to be somewhere together for the kids, they will feel very uncomfortable and will not be able to enjoy that time.

It is important to stay away from besting your ex or refusing to do something unless he does. You have to rise above and always be the better person. It will hurt because it will often not be fair. But your children will be the ones who win in the end. So you have to put aside your anger towards your ex if you have to deal with him, especially around your kids. Also do your best to communicate with your ex and keep him informed about your children of which he may not be aware. And work together when scheduling visits with the kids or when you have to rearrange schedules. Remember, if you refuse to work with him on something when he needs it, the same will happen when you need to do some rearranging.

You don’t have to be your ex’s best friend. But you also do not have to be sworn enemies, especially when your kids are around.

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