Maintaining Friendships Through Social Media

Social media is all the rage now. Sites such as Facebook and MySpace, not to mention Twitter, have created a whole new way of how we interact with people. Using these types of social media can have a positive impact on friendships. Whereas before you may not have spoken to or e-mailed a friend in months or years, now you are both on Facebook and can write on each other’s wall periodically or comment on a status posting that will turn into a conversation. Before you know it, you are catching up with each other and you know more about each other’s daily lives than ever before. Plus with the ability to post pictures, you can keep up on your friends’ kids, love lives, etc.

It may not have been the original intent, but social media websites have actually ended up rekindling many old friendships and enhanced ongoing ones. You can go onto Facebook and find a friend with whom you had a falling out years ago, and now, with the passage of time, you reconnect–all because you saw each other on Facebook. You have now let go of the past and can catch up on each other’s lives since you last spoke. What’s even better is that you will likely continue to chat here and there on this site and maintain a certain level of friendship using the site.

You can also check in regularly with those friends with whom you’ve maintained a relationship but you don’t get to talk with or see each other very often. You can comment on each other’s photos as you post them and show off your kids without having to travel for a face-to-face visit. When your friend posts that something has happened, you can be there for her. You may never have known she was going through a rough time had you not seen it on Facebook. So this social media allows you to be there as a friend more regularly. You can also catch up with old high school or college friends through these sites.

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