Is Saving the Marriage Even a Priority These Days?

It seems as if marriage is no longer the top priority in this day and age. More and more couples think of living together first before they even think about ‘commitment.’ Which is strange really, because living together is already a form of commitment and there are even laws about common law marriages.
Anyway, as more and more people don’t really look to marriage as a final option, there is no question that when the marriage goes into trouble, the couples immediately think that these are grounds for divorce. With the sorry way well known people flaunt their marriages, their divorces, their spouse exchanges, it is no wonder that society is so influenced by these well known cases.
It is a basic learning theory or law that people learn through observations or from what they see and hear. It is a fact that children of divorced parent most usually ends in divorce also. So the cycle of divorce just keeps getting worse and worse, with more and more children getting the brunt of the situations.
If only the children can see that instead of a divorce they start thinking about means or ways in saving the marriage, then this will in the end prevent the divorce and maybe, just maybe, they can also seek ways to save their relationships when they finally find someone to share a life with.
Unfortunate as it may seem, most of the problems that end in divorce is the financial stability. Gone are the days where only the man was expected to earn the living, today, even housewives have their own alternative sources of income. Couples forget that one of the vows talks about it, the ‘for richer for poorer’ part.
In saving the marriage, it is best to stop the finger pointing and to instead look to each other for support and use each other to get over the difficulties. It is easier than you think; having someone to lean on to is the best part of the marriage.

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