Letter To Husband To Save Marriage

What do you often do when having an argument or feeling disconnected with your partner? Have you ever thought of writing a Letter To Husband To Save Marriage? And do you believe in the effectiveness of such action? Yes, I myself have tried this method several times and I am so amazed at the effectiveness it has brought about. SO here, I would like to share some of my experiences in how to make use of letter to save your marriage with your husband, which I used to apply to my letters to my husband to save our marriage, And I really got happiness back thanks to it. So let’s consider them all in details as follow:

What To Do When It Comes To Writing A Letter To Your Husband?

OK, first of all, you should build a list of the requirements and wishes that you really would like to see your husband fulfill. For a better result, you should divide your list into four groups: emotional requirements, physical requirements, spiritual requirements, and mental requirements, of course. You may have an overflow of requirements in some cases, and in some cases, you may have to struggle to think of one requirement. But it doesn’t matter, don’t start writing immediately, but continue considering your own feelings until you feel that your list is complete. Remember to concentrate the list into the smallest number of major requirements so it doesn’t appear overwhelming.

When starting to explain the list to your husband, remember to discuss every requirement at a time until every subject is covered. Your husband may have difficulty agreeing the importance of some of your requirements, and it’s time you needed to discuss the key difference between men and women where sensitivity is concerned. But remember to maintain the proper attitude while explaining. When trying to appeal to him for understanding, don’t show your self-pity, jealousy, and whining. These approaches can make anyone irritated, especially your husband.

Finally, when starting to discuss your requirements, remember to make use of the salt principle when it is possible. Look for creative ways and suitable times to share these requirements and include them into your letter. Never blame or imply failure on his part; just explain your real feeling. You even let him read it alone if he wants. But make sure that he can read it during a calm, tension-free time of the day.

Explaining your feelings and needs doesn’t mean voicing complaints.

One couple, who constantly bickered, decides to go through a whole week without voicing any criticism. Rather than argue, whenever either of them get irritated, they write it down.

Whenever one of them is annoyed by the other’s failure, he or she chooses to write it down. They put each “complaint” slip in one of two boxes, named “his” and “hers” box. At the end of the week, they plan to open the boxes at the same time. He will read her complaints and she would read his.

And on Saturday night, he is the person to go first. He opens the box and begins to read the dozens little notes, one at a time. He starts feel the hurt and disappointment in himself as he read the complaints. “You’ve been promising to fix the screen door for six months, but until now it remains not fixed.” “You always forget to put your socks in the dirty clothes.” “I’m getting sick and tired of having to pick up after you everywhere you go.” He gradually sincerely grieved by all the ways that he had done with his wife.

What about the wife? She opens the box and pulls out the first slip of paper. She read it while lumping in her throat. And the next note really makes her cry. Picking up and finishing reading three more notes, she read them more quickly and began to weep. Every note in the box she reads, “I love you.” “I love you.” “I love you.”

As a wife, I understand that you have been fooled into thinking that one day your complaints would finally re-mold your husband into the perfect mate. But I believe that the example above has clearly proves that unconditional love and tenderness, not complaints, can change a cranky opponent into a humble, loving partner. And through this story, I think that you must have got to know what to write in the letter to your husband to save your marriage, right?

However, in any situations, it is important to express your real feelings. One wife really touches her husband’s heart with the letter she writes to him. He actually changes his weekly schedule to include more time with her. Here is a quotation in that letter:

“Recently I’ve felt like a shining little red apple —one of the top ones in a barrel. Everyday you come by and pick up one, but never me. Your hand reaches close, sometimes you even lift me up, but you always choose another. I’ve got found a little worm growing inside me, and I become less attractive day by day. And I’m extremely waiting for the day when you choose me!”

The Worst Approach

Yeah, beside some of things you should do above, there are some things you should avoid when writing a letter to your husband.

One woman tells me that she gets really discouraged about her husband’s lack of interest in her. He has an incredible drive and interest in his work, his friends, his and pastimes, but almost no interest in her or their children. She complains so much with a hope that he will change, but there have been no changes.

When I discuss this with her husband, I realize that she always confronts him with his failures as a husband. Her husband says she seems to always choose the wrong time to talk about their problems— “Just when I was trying to unwind.”, said he. Worst, she even starts the talking with all prosecutor, judge, and jury.

Turning back with our issue of writing a letter to your husband, you need to consider a suitable approach in your letter so that your husband can understand what you really want, then he can make change and even more respect you. So now, have you got to know what to do and what to avoid to have a proper letter to your husband for your marriage saving?

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Older Women Dating Younger Men

If you’re an older woman turning back in the dating game, it can be so difficult to decide who is right age for you. And it can be more serious when you ask “Is he too young for me?”. So what is the reality of Older Women Dating Younger Men? What are the good? What are the bad? Which unwanted issues can be raised in such relationship and what do you need to note before starting dating with a young men? All will be clearly presented in my article today.

Reality and The Good of Older Women Dating Younger Men

In fact, a dating with a younger men a few things at play here. But it’s possible that an older woman and a younger man can together build a lasting relationship and live happily ever after in Cougarville! If you’re in your forties and have a young soul and body, it might be easy for you to attract a younger guy in his mid- or late twenties, which is worth saying “Good for you!”. However, if you want a long-term relationship, you should be well-prepared for some cautions.

Here’s why

An older woman create an appealing challenge for a younger man. Not only is she at her most confidence, but this woman has got many more things together. She is able to support herself, knows clearly what she wants and knows what to do to gain them all. Some younger men feel like they can learn from her and that she is experienced enough for both of them. Older women are likely display a more “together” vibe, which seems to be closed with her needs (physical or otherwise), making her more attractive to younger men.

The problem, however, is that an older woman is simply a challenge to the younger man. And because younger man in a different stage of his life (for example, just start establishing his career, getting to know himself, and possibly not yet ready to get involved in a long-term commitment) while you are ready for them all, it can be a cause some obstacles for a potential relationship.

In the end, in this situation, the younger man has his own values. And because this match is made in heaven, based on common values, it is possible for a long-lasting and happy relationship between an older woman with a younger man.

In addition, it is advised that providing that both of you are open and honest with each other and have together discussed needs, wants, expectations and values, then don’t hesitate to be a couple.

What Are The Possible Issues?

In spite of hopeful things above, there are some potential issues which can arise when an older woman is dating a younger man:

It is possible that you’ll experience some insecurities or anxiety about whether or not the younger guy will go away, but this situation can only happen when you haven’t got enough self-confidence that he is with you for the right reason. If you’re confident that he loves you because of a host of reasons beyond your looks and the ego boost he gets from having you as his woman, then you can trust him and feel confident with the relationship you’re building (which is true in any relationship, regardless of age).

An added challenge is that most women want to date an “Alpha Male.” So you won’t have many chances to let him take the alpha role, you might eventually come to the feeling like you’re the person who’s “in charge.” So now, let’s feel comfortable that you will stay in your feminine, although you’re more financially stable and have more life experience than him.

If you want your relationship to boom, you should find where you can be in your feminine in your relationship. Ask him for help for things around the house, put him in responsibility of travel, let him cook you a special meal, and be comfortable to share any your vulnerabilities with him. If you’re able to combine and share gender roles and live in your sexy Alpha FEMinine, your relationship will be likely to work for the long term.

Some Indicators

If you’re a woman who often get stigmatized by the relationship, it’s likely that you are going in the wrong direction. December-May always tend to be looked at in a different light than May-December; so if you can’t disregard others’ opinions about your relationship with a younger man, you’ll be soon out of luck.

If you’re a woman who often worries about aging (Okay, who doesn’t?), which affects your relationship as you’re constantly asking your man to confirm your youth, you can hardly feel happy.

If you’re in a different stage of love than your guy and you don’t share with him about it, you should do that. It’s important that he be on the same page as you in terms of building a long-term commitment, having a family, as well as making career goals.

Important Notes

Some studies have revealed that a couple with a wife of five or more years younger than her husband are less likely to get divorced, while some other studies have indicated that divorce rates have no relations with age differences between men and women. It is quite often that older women dating younger men who have already been married and decide to skip tying the knot again, so before deciding to start a relationship with a younger man, ask yourself what you really want. If you want a long-term relationship, then you should be open and honest with any man (not only younger but also older) and finally you will definitely find yourself happily ever after in Cougarville.

Yes, here are some of basic knowledge around Older Women Dating Younger Men issues. What have you gained after reading this honest article? And so you agree with ideas inside it? Actually, this is information that I have collected from a range of people who have experiences in this issues, including both experts in the field and the couple of older women and younger men. So they are reliable and practical enough for you to get advice from.

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How To Get A Man To Commit

You and your partner have been in love for a long time but him have never given you a commitment? You are looking for the real reason and want to get this as well? Ok, so you are in right place. My honest How To Get A Man To Commit article today show you how to get him to commit you sincerely.

In general, to get a man to commit, you need to do two major things as follow:

  1. Rock his world.
  2. Make him earn it.

Ok, so now, I’ll present them into details.

  1. Rock His World.

This is the first and very step. If you can’t blow his mind, you will never get him to commit. Why would he? Because you think he should, you think? He has to enjoy your company and always feel awesome around you. And you should feel that way, too. So what to maintain that? Yes, you need to be at your best. Yeah, I don’t mean “perfect”, because nobody is. But you’ve got to bring your A-game.

And the same situation happens to you. If you decide to commit to someone but your world hasn’t been appropriately rocked, then you will have to experience a very long haul. There are now several folks of commit out of pressure, or a sense that it’s what they “should” do. Don’t let this happen to you. Try to get a real commitment with love- an easy decision. Avoid a commitment without love: a jail sentence.

  1. Make Him Earn It

After you rock his world, never say something like, “OK, I rocked you, now pay me back with your lifetime commitment.” That will never work, but even make things worse. In contrast, try to show him that he has to earn that privilege and more important, to keep earning it. Here I don’t mean about berating, withholding or something like that that we all despise. I mean, you should show him how to treat you properly so that he will always initiate, put on effort and earn the thing he wants. I don’t just mean sex, because you can get sex anywhere. I mean the great stuff he loves about being with you.

A lot of women get anxious and fearful and needy and end up rewarding every behavior they hate. As long as a guy backs off or feels uninterested, they will be likely to go into overkill mode. In this case, try to “win” back his attention and affection. When you do this well, you will be able to manage things better.

One thing to note is that never say something like “I’ll do anything for this, and you don’t have to do a thing.” Actually, he needs to do something. He needs to feel that he’s trying to earn what he wants, so that he will understand and appreciate its value.

Speaking of this, I have a friend, she has been in love with her partner for 5 years but hasn’t got any official commitment from him. She tries to gain this, but doesn’t try to make him earn it. She compromises what she wants off the bat by showing him that she is down for “whatever”: noncommittal sex without strings. That’s okay if that’s what you want. But she doesn’t want that at all. She simply thinks he will do and she is going low-rent on him, hoping he’d come back. Finally, things don’t happen as her expectation. He’s gone.

In fact, men don’t want it easier. They need to make sure that what they’re going after is worth their time. But this doesn’t mean you won’t get rejected during the process. But providing that you can really knockout someone and make him come back for more, you are the winner.

This is my own situation. I start going on date with a fella who is fresh out of a committed, live-in relationship and tell him that he is not likely to call anyone his girlfriend anytime soon. I don’t say something like, “Oh yeah, buster, you had better make a decision now or I will be out!” I have never force him to give any Talk. Actually, I like him. So I try to blow his mind and make him earn it. I do my own business only, keep my life going and make it clear. And whenever he wants to see me, he needs to let me know. When we are together, I make him feel like a million bucks.

And a long time of showing up, he is spending most evenings with me six months later. He cooks dinner for me and wants me to be with him on his best friend’s wedding. And on a dreamy road trip, he whispers in my ears sweet and sincere words that any women wish to listen from their boyfriends.

It certainly works fine. Actually, I have had a few crossed signals with my dream man, and we’ve shared some insecurities together. Does this imply something that we’ll be together forever and ever? Yes, of course, at this time, nobody can say it for sure, but the decision to be committed to a relationship is a reliable evidence that you can totally develop your romantic relationship.

Yeah, my final point is that this isn’t a trick that you pull to “get” someone to commit and then stop. Because your stopping means you’re giving up. You are the person who decides your life together — can you find a better way than to continue impressing and engaging and deserving each other? I can’t. The key is to carry out that right now.

Yeah, above is a clear article on how to get him commit. Do you find it helpful? Actually, they are secrets that I myself find as well as refer to some other reliable experts in the field. Some women have applied them and informed of quite good result. So I’m confident that they can work fine for you, so why don’t you consider and give them a try right now?

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What Men Look For At Women?

Have you ever thought about what to do to become more attractive to men? Yes, my complete what Men Looking For Women article today will reveal you 7 principle things that men look for at their women, Let’s check whether what you are having and what you aren’t?

First of all, I want to say that, most men have no intention of looking for a supermodel when it comes to finding a real partner. They’re simply seeking their own perfect match, yeah, a woman who’s down-to-earth, sweet and sensitive to their own requirements.

And here are details of ten attractive traits that every man are concerned about when deciding if the woman who is sitting across the dinner table from him at that table is the person he is looking for.

what men look women

  1. A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Confident.

Yeah, let’s think of this under the view of a guy! Yes, to a guy, sometimes, nothing is sexier than a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin. If you’re worried about your own appearance and asking him some questions like: “Does this skirt make my thighs look fat?”, then you should really sop. If you keep requiring his reassurance that you’re beautiful, he may start asking questions himself. And you know what is likely to happen when he keeps asking himself about you, right?

  1. A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Intelligent.

Show him that you are intelligent. Never act like a bimbo, which will lose its novelty to men after high school. What men look for a girlfriend is the one who can stand as his equal. So be always a elegant, savvy woman you are! To him, it’s a full turn-on.

  1. A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Unmaterialistic

In fact, any men want to be your knight in shining armor. He really wants to treat you like the princess you are … but that doesn’t mean that you should to act like one. Create condition for him to treat you with romantic dinners and amazing baubles without having to asking for them from him. He will feel free and voluntary to do this, and if you show that you like, he will try to make more similar interesting occasions.

  1. A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Playful

There’s a special things which can drive men wild and invite them into a deeper level of “connection” – that is play.

Any men want to be active and to play. They are eager to express themselves and make acquaintance with others around them through action.

However, many of women like us seem to forget this and want to talk as if they know the path to a man’s heart. Actually, men don’t “feel it” for you because of what you say.  Remember that it’s not your words, but experiences you create with him that attract him. A good suggestion in this case is to watch or play sports together.

  1. A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Independent.

Many women mistakenly think that men want a “weaker” woman for she will make them feel that they are stronger and more powerful. But the real situation appears different. Real men look for a woman who can inspire them through the great things going on her own life. They want a woman who lives with her own purpose, rather than simple be in a relationship.

A great guy will be never scared of independence and success. What concerns him is whether or not a woman gives space in her life for a great relationship and is grounded and present when she’s with him.

Ok, so want of the best things to communicate with him in this case is to stay busy in your own life and not suddenly make him your world.  Don’t discontinue your own hobbies, duties, and friends just to be with him.  But when you are with him, really BE with him – have fun and give your attention to him and what you’re doing together.

  1. A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Emotionally Mature

If a man keeps loving to a woman even when he finds that there maybe a situation coming up where you and him will see something differently and misunderstand each other, never lose him. So what should you do and share your feelings in this case?

Yes, a woman who is really mature will never blame or criticize a man for what she’s feeling, instead, she will share her feelings honestly and authentically so that the man will better understand her. And it is the sharing like this that makes her more attractive to a man. The way a woman control her own emotions is also one of the most significant things that men concern about when deciding whether or not to get serious with a woman.  So if she lets her emotions get out of control, he will soon get disappointed.

In contrast, if she can show her feelings to him calmly and non-dramatically, she will definitely win his respect and make him feel that she will be certainly a real partner to him.

  1. A Real Man Wants A Woman He’s Intensely Attracted To

In fact, men are afraid of commitment and relationships because they are afraid of getting a relationship with a woman who has no passion and attraction.

A common mistaken way that women by chance destroy the attraction men might have with them is to try too hard to get him to like you, or to act like the relationship is really serious too soon.

Ok, so relax and let things happen naturally. Please try to do and say things that add more and more fun and humor into your relationship from the beginning.  Nothing appeals to a man than a great woman is able to make handle over relax and fun.

Yeah, here are 7 basic things in women that men most look for. Have you got them all? If not, what you lack? And do you know what to do to fulfill now? Ok, follow our suggestions here and you will be much more attractive to men.

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I Need A Boyfriend – How To Save My Marriage

As a girl, I always I Need A Boyfriend who matches with me in as many aspects as possible. Besides, I have some qualities that I hope he will have, which are to ensure that we can together to build a healthy and long-lasting relationship. And I think that, they are common things that any girl look for at their boyfriend.

i need a boyfriend

And here are such 13 things in details:

  1. He’s someone who can tease you and also be teased.

A boyfriend should never be hateful or say something hurting his partner’s feelings, but should sometimes give her a joke.

Both of you must well enough understand each other to know when you’ve crossed the line, so he should be together with you to make teasing fun — never threatening.

  1. He challenges you.

In fact, he‘s as strong as you are, but more passive. He’ll encourage being at your best and challenging every decision you make, but you’ll love him for it. Life with him will be always exciting and always brings you surprise.

  1. He isn’t passively waiting on you, he has his own plans.

Any person has his/her own life and you are not an exception, so he should respect that you have yours. He should never put you under difficulties of giving up the club with your other friends. In contrast, he encourages you to spend time with them as you want to because he knows that you will finally come home with him.

  1. He doesn’t air your dirty laundry.

He gets to know any of your trust, and you can share everything together. You’re not afraid of your embarrassing stories, but confident to tell them with him, even when they are going to come back to you when you meet his family or when you meet his friends for drinks.

Yeah, of course, such secrets things should be only shared between the two of you stays between the two of you. In some special case, there is limited people who get to know, that is your BFF.

  1. He knows how to deal with your bad moods.

He is the person who is able to bring you the most comfort. With him, you can feel everything simple. When you get angry, he somehow knows way to deal with you with more grace than anyone else. The, up to your own feeling, angry and emotional or overwhelmed and exhausted, he gives you some space with yourself and knows when to hold you in his arms.

  1. When he apologizes, he really looks for forgiving from you.

When he does something wrong, he’ll always be man enough to admit it and say sorry to you. And then he will never commit the similar mistakes again. Consider the way he says sorry to you, if he is really sincere, forgive and have him by your side. He is actually a man, not superman, and mistakes are un-avoidable, the important things here are how he corrects them.

  1. He’s moving at the same speed you are.

In term of both current career and his lofty life goals, he is always moving at the same speed with you. He knows what he wants and looks up to what you want. He’s never forceful or uncomforting — just gradually moving from one goal to the next one with a very vivid future in sight.

  1. He neither belittles nor puts you on pedestal.

He’s always slow and firm, but never a bathmat. He neither idolizes nor makes you feel small. He treats you as treating a fierce woman. He also likes to spoil you, but will never give you everything you want. He’ll always keep you feel curious. Remember that he is your partner, not your supplier. He’s there because he wants you, not because he needs you.

  1. He is someone who teaches, but never lectures.

The best partnerships are the ones in which both of you can learn from each other. He master at his own field and loves to share you with new things and insights on things he’s passionate about. He teaches you in many ways, but never makes you feel like he’s pushing you or judging you. You are teaching other lessons that make both of you better people and better citizens of the world.

  1. He makes you laugh.

There is a saying that if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.

If he cannot make you laugh, he will soon get you to grow tired of him. Laughter is one of the vital elements in a real relationship.

  1. He’ll call you out when you need to be called out.

He good at telling you things are. He’s not afraid of hurting your feelings, and he doesn’t creep around you, either. He never lets you get away because of stupid bullish, not because he doesn’t take care of you, but because he doesn’t want to be jerked around by those Alpha Female ways.

  1. He wants to be the wind beneath your wings.

He’s a stoic man: strong, self-governing and sure of himself. He makes chance for you to lead, but he’s always there to give you full support. He understands the background completely; he is always your strongest supporter and your steadfast foundation. He is happy with the fact that you’re popular because you’re a person he’s very proud of.

  1. He knows when to drop it and when to address it.

He is sure at his ground when he knows he is right. While he argues with you, he doesn’t accept to concede when it leads to ending a fight. You’re strong-willed, and he understands when a different opinion or a questionable action is worth discussing and when to let them away.

Yeah, here are 13 key things out of many other things that a man should have so that they can build a happy and maintain a long-lasting relationship with their girls. Of course, you may have some other ideas around this issue. But they are key things that any reads will agree with, right? So if you are a man, consider whether how many qualities of them you have, and which you are lacking then try to fulfill them all.

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How To Get Your Boyfriend Back?

Hi there. It’s my pleasure to be here with you via this article. Yes, my article today will approach a newly popular issue that is “how to get your boyfriend back”. And the real situation here is that the man whom you love has suddenly pulled away – sometimes forever. And you want to get him back, In fact, if you’ve suffered from this or are experiencing it right now and you really want to know how to get him back, you will understand how hurt and hopeless it makes you.

Yeah, the normal thing that most of you are about to do in this case is to make an urge to lean forward and do everything possible to stop him from slipping away. And unlike what you are expecting, what I’m going to tell you here is that you should let him go, as horrible as these sounds. Yes, you need to let him go, because if he is the right man for you, you can get him back with the three steps below. If he’s not the one for you, it is time for you to think of a new way to find out your Mr. Right. So here are such three amazing steps on how to get your boyfriend back, keep reading it carefully and you will get valuable lessons.

make him want you

Step 1: Lean Back

Unlike your thought, the first thing I’d like to recommend you when it comes to getting him back is stay away from running after him, calling him, texting him, sending messages to him through friends and family, or showing up at his door. So why? Yes, as I said above, you can find it impossible to get him back if you do like this, but you MUST do it if there is any hope that you will get your boyfriend back.

Most of women tend to think that giving and giving to a man will bring him closer to them. And one of actions they often do is to do something like checking up on him to see how he’s doing, which I name “overfunctioning”. Yes, it is actually over, so don’t do it! A man of course, will be good at valuing what he has to work for, so if you make too much effort and make it easy for him, he will easily underestimate you. We often try to work hard because of the thought that if we don’t do anything, he’ll assume we don’t take care of him at all, and he’ll go away. But this is simply wrong. On the other hand, when you lean back and let go of the reigns, you will give your boyfriend a chance to see what it feels like to be without you, and if he understands and highlight your role, you will get your boyfriend back. Remember this: the reason why men commit to you is not because they want to be with a woman, but because they seem to not able to stand to be WITHOUT you. So why don’t you let him feel what it’s like if there is no you in his life.

Step 2: Open Your Heart

The next thing I would like to recommend is to stop thinking of your painful emotions and embrace them. Women often stuff down their emotions due to the fear that a man will get scared by them and run away. But in fact, men LOVE the emotional nature – it’s comedy that they can’t tolerate. When we are able to get in touch with our real feelings and show them in a non-judging, non-critical way, a man will not definitely feel blamed and will feel COMPELLED to open his heart to you.

And you actually don’t need a man in your life to learn how to do this. In contrast, you can practice “framing your feelings” with every person you meet and even on your own. Start right now by asking yourself what you are feeling. Then say it out loud simply and easily. Apply this no matter where you are, and it will become natural to you in days. Then when you talk to the man you love, make use of this new feeling expression way. You’ll soon notice an amazing change in the way he connects to you and opens his heart.

Step 3: Love Yourself

Right now, remind yourself of how you felt when you and your boyfriend first met. Where did you obsess about him? Where did you call him incessantly? Ok, so now, let’s make changes to make a new chance. You can focus your OWN LIFE, and this will be very attractive to him.

Take this chance to get back in touch with you and fall in love with the woman who really attracts, him rather than waste your time thinking about how to get him back. By this time, you can make yourself busy by gathering with your friends, enjoying your interests, and doing any things that that make you YOU. Remember that you can lose a man, but you are never allowed to lose yourself. If this man is worthy of you and is really your Mr. RIght, I’m sure that when he sees you are focusing on your own life he will realize what he’s missing.

Ok, so the final thing I want to share you here is that keep leaning back, opening your heart, loving yourself… if he’s Mr Right, you’ll get him back.

Final Words

Ok, so after such a long, detailed and helpful knowledge above, what have you learned about how to get your boyfriend back? Are they helpful and worth trying? Personally, I find them great. They have approached the issue you a totally new, active and helpful way that if your current boyfriend is your Mr.Right, he will immediately come back with you. So what more are you waiting for? Why don’t you make use of these three powerful steps right now and get your boyfriend back as soon as possible?

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Marriage Counseling Questions

Have you ever wondered what to talk about before getting married? And how were the answers you got? Yeah, my honest Marriage Counseling Questions article today will list you some of the most important topics along with questions that you really need to explore before starting a married life.

1. Meaning of Your Marriage Commitment

Some of the questions should be asked within this topic include:
A. What is the real meaning of commitment to you as you make plans to get married?
B. Why are you choosing your partner out of a lot of others who you have ever met and must have married?
C. What in your partner attracted you since the first time of meeting and what are you expecting from your partner?

2. Your Life Long Goals

Yeah, related to this topic, you should consider some of the questions below:
A. What is your desire in both long-term and short-term future in terms of your career?
B. What are you going to do to take care of your community alone or separately?
C. What do you think about leaving a legacy after you die?

3. Your Mutual Expectations

A. What are you looking for in a marital partner, in term of emotional support during exciting times, or difficult times?
B. Is it important to you to set aside one night just to be together alone to catch up with each other and have fun?
C. What is your expected size house and what kind of neighborhood do you expect to live in both now and in the future?
D. Are you both clear how much alone time the other needs?
E. How much time do you want your partner to spend with friends separately and together?

4. Your Living Arrangements

A. What is your plan to live together with your partner?
B. Where do you want to live in after having children?
C. What will you do in case a new career path or job is reason enough to move?
D. Do you want to live in the same house or area for a long time?

5. Will you have children and if so how many?

A. When are you really ready to start a family?
B. What is the age distance that you want your kids to be in?
D. What kinds of philosophies about child raising you learn from your parents and do you agree or disagree?
E. What kinds of punishment you are going to apply do educate your children?

6. Money

A. Do you want a separate or joint checking accounts or both?
B. In case you have separate accounts, who will be responsible for which expenses?
C. Who will pay the bills?
D. What do you think about having complete financial disclosure about each of your personal financial situation at all times?
E. How do you want the disagreements in spending money to be resolved?
F. What is reasonable amount of available money do you think each of you need to have to feel comfortable?
G. Will there be a savings plan for the first house?

7. Parents and In-laws

A. How much time do you plan for each of you to spend with your parents and how much time do you want your partner to join you?
B. What is your plan on holiday spending?
C. How do you want your partner to support you when you are under pressure from parents?
E. Do you agree with the fact that either of you talks with parents about the problems of the relationship?
F. What kind of relationship do you hope your kids to have with your parents?

8. Gender Role Expectations

A. What did you learn from your parents in terms of who did what in the family?
B. Do you find that fair and do you expect something different?
C. Does each of you have any preferences that may be totally unrelated to gender?
D. Do both of you agree to work if you have children?
F. When the children get sick, who do you think will be better to stay at home with them?

9. Do you agree with issues about erotic moments together?

A. How often do you want an intimate evening with each other?
B. How will you deal with the differences in sexual preferences?
C. What do you think about making an agreement on how to resolve the differences in sexual desire in terms of frequency?
D. Are there certain things that are clearly off limits?
E. What do you think about sharing your sexual concerns at the time when you both are feeling creative and relaxed and not during sex?

10. How will you resolve heated conflicts?

A. How did your parents resolve their differences? Or how have it affected what you expect in terms of expressed anger?
B. Do you agree to have either of you ask for a time out to calm down and be creative in your problem solving?
D. What rituals are you going to develop to reach out to each other after a big fight?

11. Spiritual Life

A. How does each of you think about spirituality?
B. How do you want your partner take part in some form of spiritual community?
C. Do you want to share what means something to you with your partner?
D. Will you allow your children to attend any regular services or religious education?

12. Agreement about extramarital relationships

A. Do you want to make sure that affairs are not an option from the beginning?
B. Do you agree that affairs of the heart are equivalent to a sexual affair?
C. Do you want to tell your partner about someone that you feel drawn to as a colleague or erotically since this can build the bond between you and your partner rather than the outside person?
D. Will you claim to never talk to a person of the opposite sex (apart from a therapist or clergy) about your real relationship with your partner for it can make a bond outside of your relationship?
Yea, here are the most common and important questions that you should consider and be sure of the answers before getting married. Make sure that you know what to do in each situation by answering each of the questions confidently and firmly, then you will certainly have your expected marriage.

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How To Fix A Marriage?

Any couples must have faced the arguments, quarrels or even the risk of break several times during their marriage. So what do you often do in these cases? How do the situations get improved? Actually, you will say that sometimes the situations get improved but sometimes they seem to get worse. So my honest How To Fix A Marriage article today will help you to make control over the problems during your marriage and you will be able to fix them successfully regardless of their danger level.


Ok, the complete pathway to fix your marriage that I want to reveal you includes 8 steps as follow:

Step 1. Make a list of all the issues

Yes, first of all, let’s sit down, think and make a list of the issues which you and your spouse are disagreeing with, including both the issues that you refrain from talking about and fear that talking might lead to argument.

By this way, not only can you understand your partner better, you can also improve yourself. Then, you will find what actually the cause of your arguments is and finally, find out mutually agreeable solutions to all of these issues. Plus, you can learn the skills to resolve new issues as they arise with similarly win-win solutions.

Step 2. Fix your focus solidly on yourself.

Yes, in this step, let’s try to get your partner to change invite defensiveness.  In fact, nobody feels happy when being told they’re doing things wrong or, far worse, that they are a bad person.   So why don’t you use your energies and intelligence to figure out what YOU could do differently.

There are many useful ways you yourself can create easily and one of the very useful ways is to make a question to get started, yeah, the question could be:  What would enable you to stay loving and good-humored even if the frustrating pieces in your spouse’s repertoire never get an upgrade? A question like this will allow you to become “self-centered” in the best sense.  If both of you are seeking to do your own upgrades, the marriage will certainly blossom.

Step 3. Cut the crap

Remember that the negative muck that you give each other is totally unhelpful.  It only leads to a negative rationship, bad things such as criticism, complaints, blame can be caused. So what should we do? Yes, let’s say goodbye with anger escalation. Stay in the calm zone only. Learn to keep yourself calm in any situations,  and then re-engage cooperatively.

Research psychologist John Gottman indicated that marriages generally survive if the ratio of good to bad interactions is 5 to 1. SO what do you want? to barely survive?  Or to save the marriage in a way that will make it thrive? If you want thriving, aim for 100,000,000:1, which means, don’t sling mud at all.  Cut the crap.

Step 4. Learn to share concern constructively

A simple and easy-to-follow way to do that in sensitive conversations is to stick with the following four sentence-starter options:

  1. I feel (then add a one-word feeling such as worried about, upset) …
  2. My concern is………..
  3. I would like to …(never use “I would like you to ….)
  4. How would you feel about that?  or, What‘s your thoughts on that?

Step 5. Learn how to make decisions together.

I call collaborative decision-making the “win-win waltz.”

The aim of win-win is an action plan that pleases you both.  So how to get it? Yes, when you have something different, show your underlying concerns, and listen to your partner’s concerns at the same time then, together to create a solution responsive to all the concerns of both of you.

The best way to conduct this step is to deal with the issues you listed in step 1.  You may get amazed at how the issues that seemed so intractable can get solved to work for both of you.

Step 6. Eradicate the three A’s that are likely to kill your marriage.

Affairs, Addictions, and excessive Anger are actually deal-breakers.  They are out-of-bounds in a healthy marriage.  So if you are including one of these self-defeating and relationship-destroying habits, get help and get it out of your life as soon as possible.

Step 7.  Radically enhance the positive energies you give your partner.

Yeah, the helpful advice here is to Smile more, Touch more, and Hug more.  In addition, make more “eye kisses., more sex, more shared time and shared projects…

More regularly deal with the agreements that you and your partner used to have in the past that you might have answered with “But…”. Now, deal with them in a new approach. Remember that listening is loveing, especially when you are listening for information, never try to show what’s wrong with what your partner says or to show that you know more. In stead, learn to give more help, give more praise and more gratitude, do more fun activities together, so on. Actually, the best things in life are free. So the more positives you give, the more good things you’ll get.

Step 8. Consider your parent’s marriage strengths and weaknesses.  Then decide what you want to do differently.  

Most people look at their parent’s marriage, including both the strength and the weakness, and also the way they were treated by their parents when getting marriage.  These can be valuable and practice lessons. But let’s make some differences by intimating and developing and the good things and improve the bad things, then you will get a really happy and long-lasting marriage.

Ok, so after these 8 powerful steps? Are you confident that you will be able to fix marriage and keep it happy no matter what the issues are? Or are you ready to start a married life (if you are intending to get married)? OK, let’s feel confident for these are proven steps that a talented professional in the field suggests and they have brought amazing success to a lot of couples worldwide.

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Evenflo Zoo Friends Infant Starter Set

Evenflo Zoo Friends Infant Starter Set

Evenflo Zoo Friends Infant Starter Set

Best Buy Evenflo Zoo Friends Infant Starter Set

Description of Evenflo Zoo Friends Infant Starter Set

Product Description

The Zoo Friends Infant Starter Set includes 2-4 ounce and 2-8 ounce. bottles with newborn anatomic nipples. It also includes a bib and a formula container.

Details of Evenflo Zoo Friends Infant Starter Set

Product Details

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  • Soft tips for baby’s tender mouth
  • Bib with Velcro closure
  • 3 chamber formula container

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Baby K’tan Organic Baby Carrier, Natural, Small Gift, Baby, NewBorn, Child

Baby K'tan Organic Baby Carrier, Natural, Small Gift, Baby, NewBorn, Child

Baby K’tan Organic Baby Carrier, Natural, Small Gift, Baby, NewBorn, Child

Best Buy Baby K'tan Organic Baby Carrier, Natural, Small Gift, Baby, NewBorn, Child

Description of Baby K’tan Organic Baby Carrier, Natural, Small Gift, Baby, NewBorn, Child

Product Description

The Baby K’tan Organic Baby Carrier is an innovative GOTS certified soft cotton baby carrier that is an ideal blend of a sling, wrap and carrier, providing the positions and benefits of all three. There is no other carrier available like it (a ready to wear wrap.) that enables parents and caregivers to comfortably carry infants and toddlers (from birth to 3 years) in multiple positions. The K’tan carrier is ideal for premature babies and babies with special needs. It is lightweight and compact like a sling, yet goes over both shoulders to evenly distribute baby’s weight like a structured carrier. The adjustable back support band offers the wearer extra back support and makes it easy to adjust baby or toddler’s weight distribution on both shoulders. The exclusive design offers the wearer a certified 100% organic cotton carrier that is ready to wear, with NO buckles, snaps, rings or hardware. Extremely simple to use, the secret behind this parent invented, ready to wear baby carrier is its unique double loop design, which gives added security for carrying baby and privacy for mom while nursing. It is easy to put on and take off, and comes in a free carry bag. Baby K’tan, LLC uses GOTS certified 100% organic cotton free of harmful chemicals, formaldehydes and azo dyes.

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  • Machine washable and dryer safe

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The Baby K’tan Organic Baby Carrier is an innovative GOTS certified soft cotton baby carrier that is an ideal blend of a sling, wrap and carrier, providing the …

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Hello Kitty Large Collage Pink Childs Backpack

Hello Kitty Large Collage Pink Childs Backpack

Hello Kitty Large Collage Pink Childs Backpack

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Available now at cheap price, special discounts and super shipping. I am really happy with their qualities and recommend it to everyone hunting for a top quality item with the useful features at an affordable. You can read testimony from buyers to find out more through their experience. Hello Kitty Large Collage Pink Childs Backpack has worked beneficial for me and I wish it will do wonders on you too. Why then waste much more time? Have Fun, you understand where you can buy the best ones.

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